The Pigness of the Pig.

The above is a statement from Organic Farmer Joel Salatin at Poly Face Farm in the movie Food Inc.’s deleted scenes. It was in reference to allowing the pigs to root around and turn over the compost. The chickens eat the bugs and their larvae from cow dung if allowed to follow around the cows. Everything has its place. Nature created a balance.


Humans have spent a large amount of energy trying to take nature out of the way we grow food. Americans, especially, are obese from additives and junk ingredients that we don’t even seem to want labeled. Our seeds used in industrial farming are genetically modified to work best with pesticides that the same companies make. We are developing diabetes, cancer and heart diseases at alarming rates.

Lately, signs of change have been popping up everywhere though. Yes there have been protests of Monsanto, but the most effective signs of change have been the increase of Organic Farms and Consumer Supported Agriculture.


Another sign has been the step back to the Pigness of the Pig.  Sheep are being kept in suburban settings; moved around from vacant property to vacant property, for the purpose of weed abatement. Read about them here.

Talipia Tank at Green Sky GrowersAt Green Sky Growers in Florida ,a Tilapia tank is used to fertilized a hydroponic greenhouse in a closed system. The customers are restaurants within walking distance, one even in the same building. The surplus is sold in the local farmers market. This cuts out all of the transportation costs as well as fertilizer and pesticides. Read more about it here.

Our grant funded schools all use organic gardens as a teaching method as well as a main food source. We are proud of the work they do for the community and promise to keep you updated as spring brings a new opportunity for planting!

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