Happy Earth Day!


As of this moment… the moment of writing this blog post, Campus California has; Saved 529,258,996 Items from landfills, Saved 2,973,074,988 Lbs of CO2, and Saved 2,297,602 Cubic Yards of landfill space. That is a lot for a small non profit.  From the Environmental Impact tab on our web page:

But these figures also mean that we still have a long way to go!

Two thirds of the total MSW nationwide and almost half in CA is still being buried in landfills or burned in incinerators. For textiles, the situation is particularly difficult. The proportion of clothing in solid waste increases because other materials get recycled in larger quantities, people buy and throw away more textiles, and there are very few viable industrial scale scale recycling programs for textiles.  
In 2000, the proportion of clothing and shoes in the total volume of MSW nationwide was 3%. This represents 7,290,000 tons (about 14.5 Billion articles) of unwanted clothing and shoes. 
In 2008 this figure rose to 4% (to 9,980,000 tons), and because the increased diversion of other materials, textiles represent even higher proportion of what we are currently burying in landfills (5-6% of the total landfilled volume).
Campus California is on the front lines of the effort to increase the reuse of textiles in the SF Bay Area. As a local non-profit organization that utilizes the collection and sale of clothing and shoes as our main source of fundraising, our job is to provide the most convenient way for people to dispose of their unwanted textiles the environmentally responsible way and with the added bonus of receiving a tax deduction!
We believe that if we continue to improve our box collection programs, partner with cities and counties to design individual programs to divert waste, and by giving people an easy and convenient way to do the right thing it will bring us closer to an overall waste-free lifestyle.

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