Campus California Participating in Community Clean Ups in our Home City of Richmond, California.

Early Saturday morning, our team arrived at Sheldon Elementary School, off of San Pablo Dam Road in our home city Richmond, California, to assist Rochelle Monk, Chief Services Officer for the City of Richmond, and neighborhood volunteers in their neighborhood’s Community Clean Up.  This is the second Saturday in a row for the City of Richmond’s Community Clean Ups and Campus California is proud to have diverted over one half of one ton of textiles, toys and books from the land fill.IMG_0102

While most of the residents that participate in the Community Clean-up bring yard waste or bulky items that they can’t throw away in their garbage cans, Campus California is there to collect textiles before they end up in the land fill. Drapes, blankets, clothes, shoes, we are happy to take them back to our warehouse before they are in a dumpster and get wet or soiled which means they are garbage and cannot be recycled or reused.


We also take toys and books that we then donate to our Non- Profit partners. We received some very nice toys from a couple who are a retired child behavioral services professional and a natal specialist. Many were specific to people of color and will be given a welcome home at both The Rainbow Recreation Center in Oakland, CA and the San Jose African American Community Services Agency.  The almost brand new books we collected will be offered to San Pablo Friends of the Library.



When participating in a community clean-up, Campus California is focused on diverting textiles from the landfill, but we are not the only ones.  On Saturday’s event, Simms Metal Management from San Jose, collecting metal, and Hi Tech Recycling, collecting E-waste, were also there. It is frustrating though to see what still makes it into the waste stream, especially all the compostable yard waste and used lumber. We would love to find a partner that could take those out of the dumpsters as well. Actually, the goal should be to find a place for everything and let the local sanitation service have the day off.


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