Report from Luciane

Luciane Much like the Newsletters that Campus California sends out periodically to give our site hosts and supporters an update on our progress, the Development Instructors post reports of their work. We recently received a report from Luciane who is a Development Instructor from One World Center working at a vocational school in Maputo, Mozambique. Luciane 2 One of Luciane’s responsibilities as a Development Instructor is to give classes in Mathematics. She is teaching algorithms with a practical approach by taking a house painting project, using algorithms and geometry to calculate how much paint to use.

“The students all come voluntary to the class, as they really want to learn algorithm, as this has not been part of their standard curriculum before coming to the vocational school. I am trying to give special attention to each student, because I believe some students have individual difficulties with mathematics, and therefore some need it being explained differently. I like to work with mathematics and with the students, so this suits me very well. It is amazing to see 30 teenagers eager to learn mathematics voluntarily; this gives me a lot of inspiration.”

Her students enjoy her classes, claiming that she always explains everything very clearly and spends the extra time needed for each individual to completely understand. They are so interested in her lessons, they ask Luciane for extra work, and since there are no text books, she must create each lesson on the black board for the students to copy down into their notebooks for work at home and in the class room.

Luciane 3

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