Vertical Farm in Singapore

Add[It's the] World’s first low carbon hydraulic water-driven, tropical vegetable urban vertical farm, using green urban solutions to achieve enhanced green sustainable production of safe, fresh and delicious vegetables, using minimal land, water and energy resources. caption

Check out this article, Vertical Farm Opens In Singapore, Sells Out Instantly, by Lloyd Alter at Singapore is using public money in a public/private partnership with Sky Greens , a local companyto help reduce the city’s reliance on importing vegetables. This is an innovative idea that could be implemented in urban populations around the world. It would be another dent in the world’s use of fossil fuels not having to transport the vegetables to market and not having to use petroleum based fertilizers. It would also give the local community healthy, pesticide and chemical free vegetables and job opportunities. Sky Greens works closely with the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE) as an active participant and assists ex-offenders by giving them an opportunity to obtain gainful employment. This is an example of the types of pioneering enterprise that we need to find a way to foster. One farm at a time.

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