The Sun is Setting on the Wild West Days of the Unattended Collection Box Industry in Northern California

Well, the wheels of regulation are starting to slowly turn. With a desperate push from Goodwill and other industry outsiders, who are feeling the pinch of competition, the cities and counties of Northern California are finally getting around to defining Unattended Collection Boxes and creating language to allow for a clear path to permitting. Campus California is thrilled that we have finally reached this point and has found a place at the table with the planning commissions and staff along with some of the other industry players. This gives Julie Wedge, Campus California’s Public Relations Director, an opportunity to address the various governmental bodies and explain how our industry works, what good regulation would look like and try to dispel misunderstandings and rumors that infect a good regulation creating process that tends to create code which favors one entity over another. As she likes to remind us, “good regulation hurts everybody a little bit, but in the end it is worth it.”

Alameda County Planning Commission has taken up the challenge. Read about it here.  At last night’s meeting in Hayward, the Commission instructed staff to have a second draft available at their next meeting March 4th. We hope some of the suggestions Julie gave to the Commission will clean up the language and lead to an industry standard. As always, if you are in the Hayward area and can come support Julie at the meeting please swing by and say hello.

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